How to Get Up Again

Many motivational speakers offer solutions, checklists and guides on how to feel better about life and your place in it… my approach is a little different as I share the story on how I survived 491 days in one of Africa’s most brutal prisons.

I hope that by listening  to my story, you will be inspired to rise up to the challenges and seize every opportunity to change your life. Motivation comes from making that decision and as you begin to see the effects of taking charge on your circumstances; you will find the will, drive and determination to confront your demons and move forward.

The battle is in realising that you cannot place your trust in God, the stars or the universe and expect things to get better; you have to accept what is happening and make a choice.

Fight or Surrender. It’s up to you; no one can make that decision for you.

While I was in Black Beach prison, I faced heart stopping, life threatening situations at every turn. I was sick, starved, hunted. Severely traumatised, my faith in God was tested to the limit. I watched as many around me slept for up to 20 hours a day, eating just enough rancid, insect riddled rice to survive – they’d given up. There were times when I realised ‘this is it’… I am staring death in the face but I managed to hang on, deep down I wasn’t ready for it all to end; there was still so much living to be done. I would not believe that this was where it ends, it simply wasn’t over for me.

I did not want to just ‘survive’, I still do not just want to breathe the air around me, exist… I want to live!

My decision to live each day using every ounce of willpower to keep going did not give my captors or the ones that put me inside any satisfaction. No matter what happened, I was steadfast in my faith, believing that I would be set free and reunited with my family.
So on behalf of those that cannot speak… I am grateful and blessed to be reunited with my family, a free man able to share my story while many of my brothers remain behind bars, suffering the daily horrors of Black Beach prison possibly never having that chance and for those that do... the sad reality is that they are likely to end up back inside or simply disappear...

By sharing my story, I hope to inspire you on your journey, not only to survive, but to embrace today with all that you have, to look at your life from a new perspective and find renewed hope that there is another way, a chance to dig deep and discover just how powerful you are…

December 2022

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